Marys Jane Samples

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Always wanted to try the products of Mary's Jane, but prefer to test them first?

We've now got the possibility to order some test samples!

This complete set contains 6 samples:

  • 1x face & Body Balm,
  • 1x Scrub,
  • 1x Epsom Soak,
  • 1x Pain relief,
  • 1x Hair mask,
  • 1x Menstrual relief

You can also send us an email if you prefer a different sample kit, we always can have a look at the possibilities for you!

Try before you buy it. Grab an individual sample of your choice for an hour of self-care or grab all 6 of Mary's Jane Beauty products to receive the full experience. 

Mary’s Jane Products are made with simple, natural, and organic ingredients. There are no added preservatives. Coconut Oil based products melt at 76*F. If melting occurs simply stir product once it cools. For balm, if small grinding balls appear, re-melt balm and put in the refrigerator to cool rapidly. The integrity of potency and effect are not.