Top 3 Benefits of Learning through Play

"Whatcha doing right now?".  "Nothing".  "Want to come over and Play with Me?"  When was the last time you asked someone to 'come over and play'?  As adults our play toys got traded in for glasses of wine and our questions became more direct, 'Want to meet me at the bar?" 

Play has so many Health Benefits for our brains, body, and happiness.  Play may seem like a disposable past-time; but in fact, Play carries valuable developmental tools for our well being.  Here are the top 3 Benefits to Play:

1. Play Encourages Communication

2. Play Improves Cognitive Development

3. Play Encourages Relationship Building

So how do we get back to Play?  As Adults we need to rewire our brains, and get back to Playing around.  In steps, Voila, CBD.  CBD can literally, help you relax.  Although not intoxicating, CBD can make you feel calm.  CBD makes you feel really good.   Our bodies, naturally, have Receptors ready to soak up CBD.  Just like we have a Skeletal system, we have an endocannabinoid system.  This systems lays on top of our nervous system and literally is there to receive cannabinoids (cannabis, weed, hemp, cbd, etc.).  That's right, you Naturally come with your own literal Secret Garden of Eden.  And CBD is the cannabinoid that your receptors can grab ahold of, stabilize the bodies inflammation and homeostasis, and GET YOU BACK TO PLAYING!