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“The body balm is a miracle.  I had a dry patch for 10 years……Fricking 10 years.  It’s gone after using your body balm.  GONE!!!!


"I am absolutely in love with your product. It has helped my 44 year old facial acne more than anything has in my entire life!"


"I’ve bought your coffee scrub and body balm and absolutely love them! I have told all my friends about your products and rep’d your coffee scrub on Instagram they’ve cleared my skin up like no other so than you."


"Mary’s Jane Face & Body Balm works like a miracle!!!  Recently, my hyper-sensitive skin was especially stressed out for months, having an eczema-like reaction to an unknown cause. I tried everything that normally works to calm my skin, and nothing did. Then I tried Mary’s Jane. I used it every night, and within a week it had beaten back all of the issues and my skin was looking totally normal again!! I later used a particular sunscreen and had a big reaction again, the likes of which would have taken 1-2 weeks to calm down before... but with the Mary’s Jane balm, it was gone again in just a couple days!! Not surprisingly, I tossed the sunscreen and kept the Mary's Jane!  I apply it to my face every night, and I love how soft my skin feels in the mornings. I cannot thank you enough for this miracle product!! It is such a relief to have my clear skin back again! "


"We are loving the healing balm and scrub!  T has not been waking up itching in the night since we have been using it.  He still gets up as its habit but goes right back to sleep without the itchiness!  I just started using the scrub and balm on my face, arms, chest and back.  My arms and back have been breaking out for the past year since I got the IUD with hormones in it.  2 days of the balm and my arms and back are completely clear and smooth!  My skin is looking incredible!  I was using sacylic acid religiously with no relief!  Your stuff is gold.  Thank you so much for creating such an amazing product that works."


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