Mary's Mentoring Moments

Mission & Vision:

“Learning from each other leads to more understanding and less judgment.  

We seek a world where people feel supported to break the mold and create their own unique life expression, even if it means ruffling some feathers.”  

— Mary Connolly, Founder, Mary’s Jane Beauty


The mission of Mary’s Mentoring Moments is to pair people together to create win-win opportunities for all people regardless of gender, race or sexual orientation.  

We envision a more compassionate world where all people feel supported to strive for self-love and create their best life.


The Events We Have Done Thus Far:

1) Project Kinship

Mary’s Jane Beauty collaborated with Project Kinship, an organization that provides support and training to lives impacted by incarceration, gangs, and violence through hope, healing, and transformation. 


2) One Breadth Meditation

Mary’s Jane Beauty partnered with One Breath Meditation to teach kids how to process and release trauma through breathing exercises.



3) Level Up Healthcare + OC Wellness Collective

Mary’s Jane Beauty partnered with Level Up Integrative Care and the OC Wellness Collective for “Be a Dr For a Day” event where kids got to learn about the body, how to manage stress and healthy nutrition.


4) LGBT Center Orange County

  • Mary’s Mentoring Moments – Mary’s Jane Beauty Mary partnered with the LGBTQ Center OC to celebrate Friendsgiving - a safe and welcoming family environment for all people to celebrate and be grateful. Many people in the LGBTQ community get disowned by their families, so the holidays can be very painful. An enormous amount of donations were received to help those in need. The LGBTQ Center OC is doing amazing work In the community to advocate for equal civil rights, gender equality, and LGBTQ social movements. Striving for self-love is a foundational element of Mary's Jane Beauty and her partnership with this organization is close to her heart.


    Multi-Generational  |  Multi-Cultural  |  Mutually-Beneficial

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    Striving for Self-Love