Hemp Lotion Walmart, Target, Ulta

Hemp Lotion Walmart, Target, Ulta.  Are Consumer Giants our friends or foes?  I love Target.  I love Ulta.  I love to hate Walmart.  As a consumer these consumer giants are my friendly playgrounds to romp and forage freely.  As a Brand they are like the dark scary angry forests Dorothy walks through to make it to the Wizard of Oz.  Is this dark passage a necessary step in the process of expansion? 

All I want to do is give people glowing gorgeous skin, while simultaneously relieving them of an uncomfortable psoriasis outbreak.  I LIVE for my client's text messages thanking me for helping them give relief of pain and uncomfort to an elderly loved one. 

Daren't I be brazen enough to face the Giants, like David like Dorothy before me, and concur Consumer Giants?

My Brand has support, it has believers, it has people who benefit daily from Hemp Lotion and Hemp Serums.  It has a community of People that have tied themselves together to live and heal naturally.  And so I wrap my arms around the cowardly lion, the brainless scarecrow, and the heartless tinman and I sing my through each scary dark path all the way to My Giant Dreams.